AltaSky LLC “Digital & Multimedia Solutions” was born July 2006. It was founded by two highly creative professionals who combined their expertise on International Business and, Marketing with Professional Film making, Photography and, design.

– Vision
The creation of AltaSky came through the obvious demand for a company that provides all the main multimedia services with a high degree of creative quality, at a reasonable price. Since the creation of AltaSky, we have striven to deliver a final product beyond our client’s expectations. Our experienced team is dedicated and committed to fulfill the needs of the client, with a shared goal to build strong, lifetime relationships, guaranteeing full satisfaction with our products and services.

– Our Clients

At AltaSky we focus in providing the services of professional photography, film production and web design to local, national and international entities. Our services so far have been requested by public and private entities, many business and industry leaders, non-profit organizations, small and large educational institutions and, a wide variety of action sports teams. We are very proud to offer the combination of professional photography, video production, and, innovative, creative design and web development services.

– The meaning of AltaSky
The word AltaSky is the combination of two words from the Spanish and English languages; Alta = High & Sky = Cielo. Although it’s not found in the dictionary, in this case it’s meant to be written and read as one word. AltaSky was chosen to represent the aim of the company. Our professional team delivers high quality services and products with an overall mindset that the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.